The Wire Gifs

The Wire Gifs

Here are a selection of gifs from HBO's hit show: The Wire. The Wire is set in Baltimore and it documents the trials and tribulations of inner city drug dealers, the police that are out to get them and the corrupt politicians that make a bad situation even worse. The Wire has been described by critics as the best TV show of all time.

Bunk shaking his head at Jimmy McNulty

This one is a gif of Homicide detective Bunk Moreland shaking his head at fellow detective Jimmy McNulty. If you don't want spoilers, the I suggest that you stop reading these descriptions. Anyway; in this scene (and if my memory serves me correctly), Bunk is shaking his head because Jimmy has hatched up devious plan to get more police funding from the Mayor's office. This plan includes manipulating evidence to suggest that a serial killer is killing homeless people in Baltimore.

Bunk Shaking head

Wee-Bey shocked

This is an animated gif of Barksdale enforcer Wee-Bey Brice. Wee-Bey is surprised because Stringer Bell has just told him that the "prostitute" Little Man shot the previous night was actually an undercover narcotics detective (Greggs).


Herc and Carver
This is one of The Wire's greatest partnerships. Herc and Carver, two detectives from Baltimore's narcotics unit can't quiet hear the person that they're questioning. So instead, they decide to shout "huh" and pull retarded facial expressions.

Herc and Carver

Avon Barksdale Finger wag
This is a gif of kingpin Avon Barksdale wagging his finger at Lt. Daniels after Daniels and his crew had tried to (unsuccessfully) follow him. This is the first time Daniels gets to see Avon in the flesh, as up until that point, they only had an old photograph from his boxing days.

Avon Barksdale The Wire

Marlo - "My name is my name!"
Marlo and his crew have just been arrested by Lester Freeman and co. While they are locked up and waiting to be processed, they decide to hold a meeting. After hearing that Omar Little has been saying bad stuff about him, Stanfield asks why he wasn't told about it. The argument ends after Marlo declares "My name is my name!"

Marlo the wire

D'angelo Barksdale
Here's one of D'angelo Barksdale when he was in the pit with Preston "Bodie" Broadus, Wallace and Poot.

The pit

Jimmy McNulty
Detective Jimmy McNulty was always getting annoyed when things didn't go his own way. While unpopular among his peers, he was more than capable throughout the show, despite his drinking habit:

Jimmy McNulty

I'll add more gifs from The Wire whenever I get the time.