Reaction Gifs

Reaction Gifs

Where can I find reaction gifs?

We have two sections that can be used to find animated reaction gifs. These are:

Some may have been placed in both categories.

What is a reaction gif?

Reaction Gifs are typically used during conversations in online communities such as forum boards. After somebody says something shocking or a revelation is made, some users may post a link to an animated gif instead of writing anything.

For example, if somebody said something that was completely shocking to me, I could reply by posting the following:

If someone were to say something that I found disgusting or revolting, I react by using Clint Eastwood's facial expression in the movie Gran Torino:

Basically, if a gif contains a facial/body expression, it can be posted instead of an actual worded-reply. These type of replies are extremely popular on websites such as 4chan and Reddit.