Funny Gifs

Funny Gifs

Here is a collection of the funniest animated gifs that I have come across on the Internet. Decided to put them all on one page, instead of making you click through multiple sections etc! Bear in mind that this is a work in progress, so if the list seems a little sparse, rest assured that I'll be adding more funny gifs as time goes on.

Scratch Post
Here's one where the cat is saying "And this is where I'd put my scratch post... IF I HAD ONE!" The way the cat suddenly turns its head is hilarious.

my scratch post

Old Person
I kind of feel bad for laughing at this one of a helpless elderly man being assaulted by a shopping mall escalator.


Threadmill Fail
This gif acts as a great analogy for when bad things get even worse. The utter destruction that is caused as he stumbles around on the threadmill while trying to get his footing is just brilliant.


Supermarket Fall
If there was a fail to end all fails, this would be it. We'd be able to put the word to rest and Internet connoisseurs would feel at ease. Not only is this poor guy unfortunate enough to trip over a clearly-visible chain, he's also completely unable to recover from embarrassment as the shelves of candy come crashing down on top of him. I'm honestly curious as to what people thought when they first saw him lying there.

fail lol

Missed Slam Dunk
Behold, as a basketball player turns around with a facial expression full of horror after missing a slam dunk that your mother would have scored with her eyes closed:

slam dunk miss

Atticus Murphy Jr.
The randomness of him punching a passing woman while he casually sips on his morning coffee legitimately made me laugh out loud. This is from "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" (2010).

atticus murphy jr

Baby Firework Reaction
Here's a funny animated gif of a baby's reaction to a firework being let off:

Baby reacts to Firework

Flaming Shot
Somebody tell this genius that it isn't wise to pour fire on your face:

flaming sambuca

No Brenda!
Somebody decided to edit some footage of a teacher pushing over a heavy-set student while she was attacking another girl in the playground. The result? "No Brenda, she's not food!"

teacher pushes girl

Andy Carroll
Fifa 13 is well known for its glitches and rag doll physics. Still, this gameplay footage of Andy Carroll kissing a goalkeeper kind of caught me off gaurd!

fifa 13 gif

Dog Licking Lime
Here's one of a dog's reaction after it decided to taste a piece of lime:

dog lime reaction

Pastor Jet
This is a strange-but-funny animated gif of a black pastor holding his arms out before he transforms into a fighter jet. LOL, so random! Holds up spork!

pastor sermon turning into plane

The camera cuts to a random audience member while Martin Sheen is speaking on RTE's Late Late Show (Ireland):

late late show audience reaction

Pajama Girl
This gif has all of my whats. Who decides to pull their pajama pants up over their shoulders before dancing around like a maniac? Evidently, this girl.

Oprah Bees
A classic that you've probably seen before. Oprah decides that this time around, she'll treat her audience members to a box full of bees. The reactions of joy are hilarious:

bees oprah

Apple Maps
When iOS6 came out with a new map app, people weren't happy with its accuracy. For example, in Ireland; the app pinpointed Dublin airport as being in Dublin zoo. After millions of angry users unleashed their fury on Internet forums etc, gifs like these started to appear.

car hitting cyclists

Ball to the face
Here's one of an unsuspecting boy receiving what looks to be a basketball to the face.

Ball to face

Jeremy The Lion
Here's Jeremy The Lion letting his friend know that he's special:

Jeremy the lion

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking pulling a duckface pose:

Stephen Hawking duckface

Funny and awwwww at the same time. This young boy feels regret and decides to hug the Spiderman pinata:

boy hugs pinata

Waving Bear
You have to love the enthusiasm in this bear's wave to passerby's:

Waving bear

Vuvuzela Dog
An owner regrets his decision to use an annoying vuvuzela when his pet dog decides to react by taking a crap on his carpet:

vuvuzela dog

Staring Dog
Man, this dog has seen some things in his day... Queue flashbacks to Vietnam.

dog staring

A boy on a little green tractor decides to ruin his sister's musical performance by crashing the show (literally):

Small boy toy tractor drives into girls

This poor pug gets a huge fright when a jack-in-the-box opens:


Dog with newspaper
An animated gif of a dog trotting along with a newspaper in its mouth.

dog newspaper

Toilet paper attack
Some dude gets an ingenious idea to attack his girlfriend with a device that fires toilet paper:

toilet paper

Glass-less Door
This poor guy thinks that the glass is incredibly clean:

glass door

Parkour Fail
Something tells me that he won't be on the parkour circuit anytime soon:

parkour fail

Doorway prank
A perfectly-executed prank. 10/10. Poor guy.

funny prank

Dog on scooter
There are so many questions to be answered...


Diving Board
I just love the way this poor kid fails.

kid failing

Google Maps
Of all the times you're likely to fall flat on your face...

google maps

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho mistakenly tries to put a bottle cap on his glass of water:

mourinho bottle

Somebody has had a little too much to drink...

drunk man on steps

Sticky floor
A Japanese TV show decides to prank people by having them walk across a sticky floor

sticky ground / floor

Suitcase bomb
Another prank. This time, a guy decides to terrify onlookers by abruptly dropping his suitcase and dashing away:

suitcase bomb prank

Drunk Santa Clause

Obi-Wan decides to teach drunken Santa a lesson by using the force to push him into a parked car:

obi-wan santa drunk santa

Sting's disguise
A masterful disguise by wrestler Sting, who clocks RVD with a steel chair:


Raptop Mascot
Look at how graceful he is as he stumbles and falls flat on his face.

rollerblading raptor

Guitar Prank
His facial expressions as he scratches that itch makes this a classic gif:

guitar prank on sleeping man

Dog attacks TV
You have to admire the owner's reaction speed.

dog knocks over television

A dog awkwardly rests its tongue on some poor girl's face:

dog tongue

Apparently, Mike is a piece of shit:

bike crash

Depth perception
Don't try and play catch with somebody who has an eye patch!

two men in the water throw a puppy

Did you mean to do that?
A reporter managers to throw a pen onto his head:

news anchor pen