July 2014 Gif

What Would You Say You Do Here?

what would you say you do here?

This is an animated gif showing the immortal scene from Office Space (1999), in which Bob Slydell asks "What would you say you do here?" Slydell was portrayed by actor John C. McGinley, who is best known for his role as Dr. Cox in the TV show Scrubs. This particular quote is often used whenever somebody is deemed to be doing an unsatisfactory job. For example: When a football player goes a certain number of games without scoring.

Barry Hall punching Brent Staker

This is an animated gif of former Australian rules footballer Barry Hall punching another player called Brent Staker. As a result of the incident, Staker spent the remaining part of the game on the sidelines (understandably). After footage of the incident came to the fore, Hall was suspended for seven games.

Cat playing with water

This is a funny animated gif of a cat playing with water in a basin / sink. In case you didn't already know, cats aren't exactly fond of water.

Drone flying through fireworks

This is a cool animated gif showing the recorded footage that a drone took as its owner flew it through a sky full of exploding fireworks. Great idea!

Lego Wave

This is a cool gif of a wave being made out of lego. This was done using a technique called "stop motion", which means that they had to completely rebuild the scene during each frame.