May 2014 Gif

Talk Shit, Get Hit

talk shit get hit

This is a funny animated gif of Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark slapping Robin Arryn (Lord of the Vale) while the text "Talk Shit, Get Hit" appears.

Smoke cat

smoke cat

This is a weird / funny animated gif of a cat with a smoke body. Apparently, somebody got so bored that they decided to edit the fur into a body of smoke. I love the Internet.

Arthur - Smack Dat

This is an animated gif of Arthur waving his hand in multiple scenes while the text "Smack Dat" is layered over it.

Muhammad Ali dodging punches

Muhammad Ali dodging

This is an animated gif of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali dodging 21 punches in 10 seconds during a fight against Michael "Dynamite" Dokes. Ali was known for his ability to wear opponents out.

Dancing Baby

This is an animated gif of The Dancing Baby, which became one of the first viral videos back in the late 1990s.

Owl landing

owl landing

This is a cool animated gif of an owl landing in the snow in slow motion. So majestic... :)

Cats jumping out of thrash can

cats jumping out of bin

This is a funny animated gif of two cats jumping out of a trash can as an unsuspecting man is depositing his litter. Unsurprisingly, he ends up having a bit of a heart attack.

Leonardo DiCaprio crying

This is an animated reaction gif of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio crying. Not sure what this movie is from, so if you know, please post a comment in the comment section below.

Kid continues dancing after child bursts into the tears

This is the funniest gif that I've seen in a while - It's rare for one to force an audible laugh out of me. A kid in a suit is dancing with a small child when another child comes over and pushes her way in, looking to dance. Unfortunately for her, the boy in the suit isn't having any of it and stares her down. The result is her walking away crying as he continues to dance... by himself. Some have said it was because the little kid in the blue dress was black, but I don't believe that. I think he was just trying to let her know that he wasn't happy with how she pushed the other kid out of the way.

There is huge reaction gif potential in this one.

What year is it?

This is an animated reaction gif of Robin Williams asking "What year is it?" This is from the 1995 movie Jumani, in which Williams portrayed the character Alan Parrish. Typically used as a reply whenever somebody says that they're using a piece of outdated technology.

Cat saves a boy from a vicious dog attack

cat saves child

This is an unbelievable animated gif of a cat saving a young boy as he was being attacked by a vicious dog. The boy, who was playing on his bicycle at the time, was being savagely attacked by the dog when the cat jumped out of nowhere, scaring the dog away. Remarkably, the cat then decided to give chase to the stray.

Here's a video of the incident, which occurred the other day:

Fortunately for the boy, he got away with two bite marks on his leg and was able to walk afterwards.

So it begins

so it begins

This is an animated reaction gif of Theoden from The Lord of the Rings saying "so it begins". In the series, Theoden is the King of Rohan and he is portrayed by British actor Bernard Hill.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

This is an animated gif of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying "Who is your daddy and what does he do?" This is from the movie Kindergarten Cop (1990), in which Arnie played Detective John Kimble.

Dog pushing cat off bed

This is an animated gif of a dog pushing a cat off a bed. The way he turns to the camera in delight after doing it is hilarious.