March 2014 Gif

Driver giving the middle finger gets his commupance

driver flipping the bird gets some karma

This is a funny animated gif showing the moment karma decided to punish an extremely hostile driver. He was so focused on giving the driver beside him the middle finger that he loses control of his pick-up truck before sliding off the road and into a strip of grass. He's lucky because that could have ended much worse!

Sound of Music - Machine Guns

Sound of Music

This is a funny animated gif of Maria von Trapp from the 1965 film The Sound of Music walking through the fields as she fires off Uzis with both hands. I have to say that Dan Deentremont did an extremely good job in editing this.

Lion fixing side-mirror

This is a funny animated gif of a lion trying (but failing) to fix a car's side mirror. The text read as follows: "Hey, your mirror is crooked. Let me fix it for you. Just a quick tweak. OH SHIT!"