October 2013 Gif

Willem Dafoe Smiling

Willem Dafoe

This is an animated gif of Willem Dafoe smiling in a manic fashion as he sits in the back seat of a car. Dafoe is from Appleton, Wisconsin in the United States. Source: This is from a Jameson Whiskey commercial / short film called The Smile Man:

Man carrying groceries

man carries grocery bags

This is a funny animated gif of a man trying to carry as many grocery bags as possible. I'm guessing that it is from some sort of skit or commercial.

Evil cat stare

cat evil stare

This is a funny animated reaction gif of a cat giving somebody an evil stare. The look of resentment / scorn is just brilliant.

Well? We're waiting!

impatient we're waiting

This is an animated gif of man shouting "Well? We're waiting!" Source: This is from the movie Caddyshack, which was released in 1980.

King in the castle

Borat - King in the Castle

This is an animated gif of Borat saying "King in the castle. King in the castle." Typically used in a sarcastic manner.

Doc Rivers Staring

doc rivers facial expression

This is an animated reaction gif of Doc Rivers staring in disbelief. Mr Rivers is an American basketball coach who currently manages the NBA team Los Angeles Clippers. Perfect gif to use whenever somebody says something so stupid that you're left in shock.

You trusted me. And I failed you!

you trusted me

This is an animated gif of Batman character Alfred Pennyworth emotionally mouthing the lines "You trusted me. And I failed you!" This is from the Dark Knight movie series, in which Alfred was portrayed by English actor Michael Caine.

That's what she said

that's what she said

This is an animated gif of Michael Scott delivering the line "That's what she said". Scott is a character in the TV show The Office (American version).

Carol Seleme Daniel

Carol Seleme Daniel hot jeans

This is an animated gif of LA model Carol Seleme Daniel, who was born and raised in Brazil. This is from the music video for DEAR CALI, by 2TONE.

Torres goal against Manchester City - 27th October 2013

torres goal

This is an animated gif of Chelsea striker Fernando Torres scoring the winning goal against Manchester City on the 27th of October, 2013. A hilarious defensive error by both Hart and Nastasic allows Torres to snatch a late winner. The game ended 2-1.

Penguins chasing butterfly

penguins chase butterfly

This is a cute animated gif of a group of penguins eagerly chasing after a butterfly. Somehow, I feel as this one is a good metaphor for what happens when male online gamers discover that there is a female in their midst.

Cat smelling cheese

cat smelling cheese

This is a funny gif of a cat smelling a piece of cheese and gagging afterwards. Well... in reality, it was probably just trying to cough up a hairball.

Song Jieun nodding

Song Jieun

This is an animated gif of South Korean singer and dancer Song Jieun nodding as though she wasn't listening to what was being said and is now trying to figure out where the conversation has gone. Jieun is a singer in the K-pop group Secret.



This is an animated gif of Sam Winchester opening a door, only to close it once he realizes that there is a ghost inside it. The "2spooky" / "2spooky4me" text is basically a meme that is used whenever somebody wants to express their fear of the paranormal.



A gif that allows you to express your love of all thing sports! A guy rolls a frisbee along the ground as if it were a bowling ball. His friend then strikes the frisbee with a golf club, sending it into the football net, all before our golfer does a backflip while some dude in the background completes a touchdown. Sports!

Nyan Dog

nyan dog

You've probably already heard of Nyan Cat. Well, here's a gif of Nyan Dog in all of his glory, gracefully scraping his ass along the floor (most likely your living room carpet).

Why not both?

why not both

This is an animated gif of the popular "Why not both?" meme in which a young girl in a Old El Paso commercial says "Why don't we have both?". In the next scene, we can see people cheering as she is hoisted up into the air and heralded as a hero. This meme is typically used whenever somebody in an online conversation makes the assumption that only A or B can be true. Example: "I'm not sure if I'm horribly unattractive or if girls just find me socially awkward." Evil response: "Why not both?"

Bender Laughing

bender laughing

This is an animated gif of Futurama character Bender laughing at Leela before pausing to say "Oh wait. You're serious. Let me laugh even harder."

Mike shaking head

Mike shaking head

This is an animated reaction gif of Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad calmly shaking his head. Mike is played by Washington DC actor Jonathan Banks.

Morpheus - At Last


This is an animated gif of Morpheus from The Matrix turning around and saying "At last!" The character was portrayed by Georgia-born actor Laurence Fishburne.

KSI - Face


This is an animated reaction gif of Youtube star KSI (KSIOlajidebt‎) stopping and walking backwards before staring into a hole and making his infamous rape face / perverted facial expression. KSI is best known for his funny FIFA videos, which are insanely popular.