August 2013 Gif

Lampard Free Kick goal against Hull


This is an animated gif of Frank Lampard's free kick goal against Hull on August the 18th, 2013. This was during the opening game between Chelsea and Hull. Lampard's goal put Chelsea 2-0 up.

I should buy a boat

buy a boat

This is an animated gif of "Sophisticated Cat" saying "I should buy a boat." This is from a meme of a cat sitting at a kitchen table while wearing a suit. Typically used to describe epiphanies.

I don't know who you are

don't know who you are

This is an animated reaction gif of Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad saying the words "I don't know who you are. I don't even know who I'm talking to." This is from the final half of the fifth season.

Cannonball floating in mercury


This is a cool animated gif of a cannonball floating in mercury. If you're worried about the health implications of this, rest assured that this is elemental mercury and that it is OK to touch over short periods of time. i.e. It isn't as dangerous as the mercury that you find in thermometers.

Walter White - You Got Me

you got me

This is an animated gif of Breaking Bad character Walter White holding up his hands and saying "You got me!" He is portrayed by actor Bryan Cranston.

Chloe Grace Moretz clapping

girl clapping

This is an animated reaction gif of American actress Chloe Grace Moretz sitting on a couch and clapping in a rather emphatic fashion. I'm not entirely sure what TV talk show this is from.

Joffrey clapping

Joffrey clap

This is an animated reaction gif of Game of Thrones character Joffrey Baratheon clapping. Joffrey is portrayed by Irish actor Jack Gleeson, who is from Cork, Ireland.


wembley stadium crowd

This a cool timelapse gif showing crowds of football fans entering Wembley Stadium as police officers on horseback stand firmly still. Wembley is England's national football / soccer stadium.

Putin - Family Guy


This is a funny animated gif of the characters in Family Guy visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin. At first, he takes out some nunchucks, only to use them to create a clothes hanger. Then, he takes out a crossbow, only to fire an arrow at the wall and use it to hang his tie up. Finally, he takes out a gun, before revealing that it is just an over-sized novelty cigarette lighter.

Goose Laughing

goose laughing Huehue

This is a funny animated gif of a white goose laughing. I saw another version with the caption "Huehuehue" on it, but I prefer subtlety myself. Great reaction to use whenever you laugh at something that's a) corny or b) distasteful.

Booker T

booker t

This is an animated gif of pro wrestler Booker T taking off his sunglasses and staring in shock. Booker T's real name is "Booker Tio Huffman, Jr.".

Funny Dwarf Prank

dwarf prank

This is a funny animated gif of a bunch of dwarfs pranking onlookers by pretending to be dolls. The look of terror on their faces as these "dolls" come to life and chase after them is hilarious.

Inception Box

inception box

This is an animated gif of a guy in a cardboard box harassing somebody on a park bench. When the person gets annoyed and responds, he rips off the box, only to find that there is another box beneath. Hence the text "Inception Box".

Adrian Deltre

adrian beltre

This is an animated reaction gif of baseball player Adrian Deltre smiling. Deltre plays as third baseman for the Texas Rangers.

Look up "idiot" in the dictionary

look up the word idiot in the dictionary

This is an animated gif of a funny exchange between Val Kilmer and Robert Downey, Jr. in the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was released back in 2005. The conversation goes like:

Perry van Shrike (Kilmer): Look up "idiot" in the dictionary. You know what you'll find?
Harry Lockhart (Downey, Jr.): A picture of me?
Perry van Shrike: No! The definition of the word "idiot". Which you fucking are!

Unnecessary censorship

Unnecessary censorship

This is a funny animated gif of some unnecessary censorship. If you're wondering what the term means, its typically used to describe the act of blurring out innocent things. By doing this, you can actually make it look as though something seedy is going on. In this case, footage of one of the many cooking shows has been blurred in a way that makes it look like a bunch of men are sitting in a kitchen and... yea... you get the point.

Boy twerking

kid twerking

This is a funny animated gif of a young boy attempting to learn how to "twerk". Understandably, he gets a bit annoyed when he realizes that somebody is recording him. The strut at the end kills me. God, I am glad that I didn't grow up in an age full of cameras...

Dragon's Breath shotgun shells

Dragon's Breath

This is an animated gif Youtube celebrity FPS Russia firing Dragon's Breath shotgun shells. These are basically incendiary rounds that will mess you up!

I'm kind of a big deal

big deal

This is an animated reaction gif of Ron Burgundy / Will Ferrell confidently saying "I'm kind of a big deal". This is from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which hit movie theaters back in 2004. There are so many great quotes in this film.

Tiger cub falling

tiger cub

This is a cute animated gif of a Tiger cub clumsily falling over a fallen tree bark as it attempts to climb over it.

Austin Aries

Austin Aries

This is a perfectly looped gif of TNA wrestler Austin Aries holding out his arms and laughing sarcastically.

Luger being fired in slow motion

luger slow motion

This is a cool animated gif of a Luger handgun being fired in slow motion. The Luger was first developed by in the early 1900s. It was primarily used by the German army in World War 1 and World War 2.