r u havin a giggle ther m8 Gif

r u havin a giggle ther m8

having a giggle

r u havin a giggle ther m8?

i swear on me mum

ill bash ur fken ead in i sware on me mum

Who knew that a dog wearing socks would have such foul language? Loosely translated, it means: "Are you having a giggle / laugh there mate? I'll bash your fucking head in. I swear on my mum." If you're still a bit confused about what all of this means, this is apart of the "u wot m8" meme, which started and evolved after a captioned picture of this red-haired English guy started to do the rounds on 4chan:

u wot m8

Basically, people have decided to start captioning pictures with cockney slang because its hilariously funny.


  1. tbh, I always hear the doge in my head as a scouser

  2. Wait... A fox? are you daft?