July 2013 Gif

Hooch - Scrubs

hooch lighter

This is an animated gif of Hooch from Scrubs holding a lighter with a huge flame. Hooch was generally known for being crazy. He was portrayed by actor Phill Lewis.

Cat pulling dog on leash

cat with dog leash

This is a funny animated gif of a cat pulling a dog along by its leash. How the cat figured out to hold a leash in its mouth I don't know.

Dam spill gate opening

dam spill gate

This is an interesting / cool gif of a dam's spill gate opening. Water pressure is a force to be reckoned with! This is what it feels like whenever I've drank too many beers.

Dog jumping up on couch

black labrador jumping on couch

This is a funny animated gif of a black labrador dog jumping up onto the couch to be with its owner, who happens to be wearing Donovan McNabb's Philadelphia Eagles American Football jersey. The way the dog sits back is hilarious.

Kid lifting weights

kid lifting weights

This is a funny animated gif of a kid lifting weights. The confident strut he performs after successfully doing a deadlift makes this one a classic.

Mustache Trick

wiggle mustache trick

This is a funny animated gif of a man in a baseball hat pulling off a trick in which he wiggles his mighty mustache around. In the original video, he also does a trick in which it looks as if his mustache is crawling along his hand like a caterpillar:

Edwin Baptiste catch

Edwin Baptiste

This is an animated gif of American football player Edwin Baptiste with an incredible catch. Baptiste was playing for the Morgan State Bears in a college football game.

Rustled Jimmies

rustled jimmies

Ok, how do I even begin to explain this one? This is an animated gif of a baby crying while a bunch of Gorillas dance and frolic around in the background. This is apart of the "that really rustled my Jimmies" meme, which tends to be used whenever somebody is feeling extremely annoyed and upset about something. The meme began with an image macro of a gorilla, so I'm guessing that the kid in this gif represents somebody who has had their Jimmies rustled, with the gorillas representing those who have caused the "rustling". Basically, its an extension of "troll culture". Ok, I think I'm done now.

Ubaldo Jiménez - Fist Pump

Ubaldo Jimenez

This is an animated gif of baseball player Ubaldo Jiménez putting his fist up in the air. Ubaldo plays for the Cleveland Indians as a starting pitcher. This one tends to be used as a reaction gif for whenever somebody wants to express apathy and lack of caring.

Cat having flashbacks

flashback cat

This is a funny animated gif of a cat staring off into space while it has flashbacks of the Vietnam War. Reminds me of this one.

Dog sliding on its back

dog sliding on back

This is a funny animated gif of a dog sliding down a hill on its back. I have no idea how this little guy figured out a way to make gravity scratch its back.

Octopus jumps onto cat's face

octopus on cats face

This is a funny animated gif of an octopus jumping and latching onto a cat's face as the confused feline wonders what the hell is happening.

Nope Badger

nope badger

This is an animated reaction gif of a badger saying "What the..." before running away and shouting "Nope nope nope!" Typically used whenever somebody online sees something that freaks them out.

Cliff Collapsing

cliff collapsing

This is a crazy animated gif of a cliff collapsing. This footage was caught in Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, which is a small commune in the north of France. Video footage below:

Christ Air

Burnquist christ air

This is a cool animated gif of Brazilian skateboarder "Big Bob Burnquist" doing an amazing Christ Air. In case you didn't already know, the Christ Air is an aerial skateboarding trick where the skater holds the board in his arms as he strikes a pose that is similar to depictions of Jesus on the cross.

Pole Dancing - Expectation Vs Reality

pole dance expectation

This is a funny animated gif of Pole Dancing - Expectation versus Reality. In the first shot, you see a woman pole dancing expertly. In the second, you see a cat humping a pole.

Its twerking


This is an animated gif of Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars shouting "Its twerking!" This is a spin off of the popular Its Working gif. In case you didn't already know, "twerking" is basically a form of dance where somebody shakes their behind up and down.

Peter Griffin Laughing

peter griffin sarcastic laugh

This is an animated gif of Family Guy character Peter Griffin laughing in a sarcastic manner. This is typically used as a reaction gif whenever somebody wants to express forced angry laughter (i.e. when somebody makes a joke at your expense).

Fat guy breaking swing set

fat guy breaks swing

This is a funny animated gif of a fat guy breaking a swing set in half. Please help, I can't stop laughing.

Unicorns - Happy Birthday

unicorns happy birthday fire

This is a cool animated Happy Birthday gif with dancing unicorns and flames everywhere. I have no idea who made this or why they made this. I'm just glad they did.

Mexican Fan Dancing

mexican woman fan soccer

This is an animated gif of a female Mexican soccer / football fan dancing at a game. Check out the guy behind her, sneakily copping some looks. Also lol @ "Bimbo" being the team's sponsor (although apparently, its a bread manufacturer).

Chris Farley Dancing

Chris Farley Dancing

This is an animated gif of actor / comedian Chris Farley dancing. I believe that this is from one of his many Saturday Night Live skits. Farley tragically passed away in December, 1997 after a drug overdose.

Guitar prank on sleeping guy

guitar prank on sleeping man

This is a funny animated gif of a prank where a passed-out guy gets a guitar drawn onto his stomach with foam / cream (or maybe its toothpaste). Afterwards, they give him and itch and make him scratch his belly, which leads to him scratching his stomach as though he is playing the guitar.

Cheetah in rain

cheetah sitting in rain

This is an animated gif of a Cheetah bearing the elements as it sits in the rain. This is sometimes used to express sadness.

We're done when I say we're done

we're done when i say we're done

This is an animated gif of Walter White saying "We're done when I say we're done" to Saul Goodman. This is from AMC's TV show "Breaking Bad", which is due to run its final course in August of this year.

Spain train crash

Spain train crash

This is an animated gif of video footage showing the horrific moment when a train crashed near Santiago de Compostela in Spain, after it derailed from its tracks as it was travelling between Madrid and Ferrol, killing 80 people and seriously injuring 36 others. This happened on the 25th of July, 2013. At the time of writing, the train driver is currently under police custody in hospital. It is believed that the train was going twice as fast as it should have been.



This is an animated gif of a man wearing stars and stripes while he fires two automatic weapons at the same time. What is there not to like? Murica!

Hydrophobic water

Hydrophobic water

This is a cool animated gif of "Hydrophobic water". In case you didn't already know, Hydrophobic basically means "afraid of water" or "water fearing". In reality, this isn't really a hydrophobic effect, simply because there is no way that water can be repelled by water. Instead, this is just a case of the water losing its cohesiveness. Probably as a result of Supercooling.

No! Damn...

happy gilmore - no damn

This is an animated reaction gif of an awkward exchange between Shooter McGavin (played by actor Christopher McDonald) and Happy Gilmore, in which Shooter doesn't know how to respond to one of Sandler's insults. Hence the "No! Damn..." I believe the conversation went something like:

Shooter: I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.
Gilmore: You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?
Shooter: No.... Damn...

This is from the movie Happy Gilmore (1996).

Flipping the Bird

little girl flipping the bird

This is an animated reaction gif of a little girl in the backseat of a car flipping the bird / sticking her middle finger up. This is from the movie The Hangover (2009). I believe that it was directed at Alan (Zach Galifianakis).

D-Von Dudley

D-Von Dudley

This is an animated gif of WWF wrestler D-Von Dudley wearing sunglasses and looking shocked. Currently, he wrestles under the ring-name Devon in TNA.

Dog Smiling

smiling dog

This is a funny animated gif of what looks to be a smiling dog. Honestly, this is the first gif to make me laugh out loud in a while.

r u havin a giggle ther m8

having a giggle

r u havin a giggle ther m8?

i swear on me mum

ill bash ur fken ead in i sware on me mum

Who knew that a dog wearing socks would have such foul language? Loosely translated, it means: "Are you having a giggle / laugh there mate? I'll bash your fucking head in. I swear on my mum." If you're still a bit confused about what all of this means, this is apart of the "u wot m8" meme, which started and evolved after a captioned picture of this red-haired English guy started to do the rounds on 4chan:

u wot m8

Basically, people have decided to start captioning pictures with cockney slang because its hilariously funny.

Owl in snow

owl snow

This is a cool / peaceful animated gif of an Owl sitting still while snow flakes float down from the sky above.

8-bit Carlton

8-bit carlton

This is an 8-bit cartoon version of Carlton Banks dancing. Carlton was a character in the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He was portrayed by actor Alfonso Ribeiro.

Martial Arts Fail

martial arts fail

This is a funny animated gif of a guy completely failing at martial arts. While trying to kick an apple off the head of a stationary target, he completely misses and falls over onto his back.

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich

This is an animated gif of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich reacting to a suspenseful football game. Roman is best known for being the owner of Premier League side Chelsea FC.

That belongs in a museum

belongs in a museum

This is an animated reaction gif of Indiana Jones shouting "That belongs in a museum!" The actor in question is Harrison Ford. This is typically used to describe something that is really old. Often used sarcastically.

Kevin Rose throwing raccoon

throwing raccoon

This is an animated gif of Digg founder Kevin Rose throwing a raccoon down a flight of steps after it had previously attacked his pet dog. I never thought I'd ever have to write such a title.

Wrestling ending credits


This is a funny animated gif of some 80s-styled ending credits showing up at the end of a WWE wrestling match. The way the credits start rolling just as John Cena jumps up into the air is genius. You can practically hear the corny music. This was during a tag team match between John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk and The Miz. Bret Heart was the special guest referee.

Tripe H Nodding

triple h nodding

This is an animated reaction gif of WWE / WWF wrestler Triple H (HHH, for Hunter Hearst Helmsley) nodding his head as if he doesn't have a care in the world.



This is an animated gif of a guy writing out the alphabet using Calligraphy. People seem to love looking at these types of things.

George of the Jungle

3 black guys laughing

This is an animated reaction gif of three black guys saying "Now comes the part where we throw our heads back in laughter! Ready?" before doing just that. In actuality, this quote is incorrect. Really, they said "and laugh" instead of "in laughter". This is from the movie George of the Jungle (1997).

Family Guy CSS

css Peter Griffin

This is an animated gif of Peter Griffin from Family Guy messing around with a blind while the text "CSS" appears. In case you don't get the joke: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Web designers use them to style the look of a web page. Often, writing CSS involves trying out different colors and modifying widths and padding etc.



This is a cool animated gif of fog pouring over the San Francisco Bay Area. This is from a video by Simon Christen.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Gif

This is an animated gif of a monkey standing beside a wrapped-up birthday present. As the monkey scratches its head, the gift explodes while the text "Happy birthday. Have a blast" appears.

Ducks crossing road

ducks road

This is an animated gif of a flock of ducks crossing the road while ongoing traffic (thankfully) grinds to a halt.

Mourinho bottle cap

mourinho bottle

This is a funny animated gif of Chelsea manager José Mourinho inadvertently trying to put a bottle cap on his glass of water during a press conference.