Margaery Tyrell Gif

Margaery Tyrell

Natalie Dormer

This is an animated gif of Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones nonchalantly raising her eyebrows while turning her head. This is a perfect reaction gif to use whenever somebody says something that is so ridiculous, that you don't really feel like arguing against it. She is portrayed by English actress Natalie Dormer, who is from Reading in Berkshire.

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  1. I haven't read the books, so I'm not sure what she is actually supposed to be thinking, but by analyzing her expressions, we can deduce otherwise.
    The first expression we see is actually a broken sequence. She closes her eyes and then she raises her eyebrows. When we fake our emotions, we can only process each signal at a time. She raises her eyebrows to express surprise, but her eyes say different. Surprise and concern are seen as sharp eye-movement that looks almost tense whereas her eye movement is nearly a signal of disinterest.
    The second expression is while she takes the bite of food. It's easier to find the truth here, because natural movements are more fluid. While she takes the bite, her mind is more occupied. When people look down and to the right, it is because they are creating, plotting, planning, etc. We subconsciously do this because the right side of our brain is our "more creative side" and our left side of our brain is our "more logical side". Her eyes moving down and right show selfish creativity.
    It seems Margaery has different plans for her future that tend to be more sinister than she is innocent. Plans that she believes are turning more and more successful. The slight smile at the beginning and end also indicate that Joffrey's madness may even pay to her benefit.