I Don't Care Gif

I Don't Care

i dont care

This is an animated gif of Tommy Lee Jones holding his hands up in the rain while he shouts "I don't care!" I'm pretty sure that this particular reaction gif is from the movie U.S. Marshals (1998), in which Tommy Lee Jones portrays Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard, a US Marshal who has been given the task to track down innocent-but-accused fugitive Mark Roberts, who is played by Wesley Snipers.


  1. Nope, it's from "The Fugitive" and he is commenting on Harrison Ford's statement that he didn't kill his wife. This is the movie that preceeded "U.S. Marshalls".

  2. yep, exactly what I was going to say. In fact, the line was unscripted, he actually forgot his lines, ad libbed this incredibly memorable line from the movie and everyone liked it so much they kept it!

  3. actually is was the fugutive and the shot was in a storm drain, that had Dr. Kimble throw himself over the damn