Ron Paul - It's Happening! Gif

Ron Paul - It's Happening!

Ron Paul

This is an animated gif of Libertarian / Republic politician Ron Paul excitedly waving his arms in the air while the words "It's Happening" are flashing. In the background, there are a bunch of green strobe lights. Paul is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and believe it or not, he is 77 years old (born August 1935).


  1. Those aren't strobe lights. They're laser projectors.

  2. It's usually used in discussions about government violations of civil liberties. Paul was a staunch supporter of civil liberties and made several predictions regarding their erosion that have come true.

    1. And he's not the President because YES Americans a guilty of being ignorant, happy being decieved. Don't act at all like you are not guilty, how much effort do YOU put into keeping up with what is ACTUALLY going on, and not just watcinig 5 minutes of fox news, or reading an article here or there and being content that you now know "what's happening" ... Shame on you, now it is YOUR responsibility to fix this. And if you all get together and TALK, EVERYONE, that's how you will find a solution.

    2. Wow, shit dude, this is a GIF site. I'm a libertarian but calm your shit.