November 2012 Gif

Homer Laughing

Homer Laughing

This is an animated gif of Homer Simpson laughing. In this particular scene (during the episode "Dog of Death"), Homer imagines what he would do if he won the lottery. i.e. becoming a person that is made out of 14 karat gold.

Dis gon b gud

dis gon b good

This is an animated gif of a guy with sunglasses setting down a folded chair. After sitting on it, he looks across at the woman to his right and says "dis gon be good" / "this gonna be good". This can be used as a reaction gif whenever drama is unfolding.

Terminator Smiling

Terminator smile

This is an animated gif of the Terminator smiling. The awkward smile makes this gif hilarious. The Terminator was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is from the second in the series (1991, believe it or not).

Black Woman Clapping

Black woman

This is an animated reaction gif of a black woman clapping and raising her hands as if to say "Praise the Lord". I'm guessing that this is from one of those Christian TV shows. Great gif to use whenever you want to express your delight at something that has just happened.

Ron Swanson Excited


This is an animated gif of an excited Ron Swanson giggling. Swanson is a character in the NBC's TV show Parks and Recreation.

The Shining

The Shining Jack Nicholson

This is an animated gif of Jack Nicholson hitting a door with a hatchet. This is from the movie The Shining (1980), where Nicholson played a psychotic character called Jack Torrance.

Baby Reading Book

Baby Girl reading book

This is an animated gif of a baby girl reading a book. The thing that makes this gif so funny is how frantic and excited she looks. Also, the fact that she probably can't read.

Duane Dance Club

Duane Dance Club

This is an animated gif of Duance dancing on the TV show "Dance Show". Duane became viral when gifs and Youtube videos of him dancing resurfaced on the Internet.

Jim Carrey running away

Liar Liar

This is an animated gif of actor / comedian Jim Carrey running out of a courtroom. This scene is from the movie Liar Liar (1997), where Carrey played the character Fletcher Reede, a lawyer that is cursed with the inability to lie.

Woody Harrelson Crying

Woody Harrelson crying

This is an animated gif of American actor Woody Harrelson wiping his tears with money / dollar bills as he is crying. If my memory serves me correctly, this is from the movie Zombieland (2009), where Harrelson played a character called Tallahassee.

Walking With Head Down

head down

This is an animated gif of a guy walking along with his head down. A perfect reaction gif to use whenever you feel deflated or sorry for yourself. Not sure what this is from, but it kind of looks like Michael Cera (it's a bit late, so forgive me if I'm wrong / seeing things).

D'angelo Barksdale

D'angelo Barksdale

This is an animated gif of D'angelo Barksdale shaking his head in disapproval. Barksdale is a character from the hit TV show The Wire. This scene is from Series 1.

Carlton Banks dancing

Carlton dancing

This is an animated gif of Carlton Banks dancing. Carlton is a character from the show: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, in which he was Will Smith's nerdy cousin.

Baby pretending to fall asleep

baby pretending sleep

This is an animated gif of a baby (young boy, I think) pretending to fall asleep. The smile on his face afterwards is absolutely priceless.

Captain Picard Waving

Captain Picard Waving

This is an animated gif of Star Trek character Captain Picard giving an awkward / hesitant wave. Great reaction gif for being caught in an awkward situation.

NASA Celebration


This is animated gif of the NASA celebration after the Mars Rover had successfully landed. This can be used as a reaction gif for whenever you're happy for the achievements of somebody else. Example: Seeing your friend score with a girl.

"Oh boy"

oh boy

This is an animated gif of a young boy saying "oh boy!". Not exactly sure what this scene is from, so if you know, please post a comment below. All I know is that the gif is from an old black and white movie.

Girl Dancing

This is an animated gif of a girl dancing with her Pajama pants pulled up onto her shoulders. This is the kind of stuff that people do when they're on their own and nobody is watching!

Charleston Dance

black guy dancing

This is an animated gif of a dapper black dude dancing Charleston style. As far as I know, this is an original jazz dancer from the 1930s.

Edit: Apparently, this is one of the duo: Al Minns & Leon James!