June 2012 Gif

Throwing computer

Throwing computer

This is an animated gif of Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd throwing his computer across the room. Maurice is played by British actor and Comedian Richard Ellef Ayoade. He stars beside Roy Trenneman, who is played by Chris O'Dowd. The IT Crowd is a British Comedy Sitcom that is aired on Channel 4. If you like this one, you might like the one where Swanson tosses his desktop computer into a dumpster.

Dog mounting chicken

Dog mounts chicken

A classic gif for all the wrong reasons. In this one, we see a dog dragging a chicken into his / her doghouse so that he can mount the chicken. Clearly, he hasn't been getting much. If you liked this one and found it funny, you might also like the gif where a dog stares off into space.

Throwing computer in trash

Throw computer ron swanson

This is an animated gif of Ron Swanson throwing a computer into a dumpster. Swanson (with his mighty mustache) is a fictional character in a TV show called Parks and Recreation. He is played by actor Nick Offerman. A similar "F**K THIS, I'M PISSED OFF" gif would be Denholm Reynholm's jump out of a window.

Cat hitting dog

Cat hits dog

This is an animated gif of a cat hitting / slapping a dog with its paw (obviously) after it barked / growled. I think the best thing about this one is that it shows how good a dog's temperament can be. If you found this one funny, you'll find the dog slapping man gif even funnier!

Kevin Arnold - Thumbs Up

Kevin Arnold Wonder Years Thumbs Up

This is an animated gif of Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years giving a thumbs up. The Wonder Years was a hugely popular TV show that first aired in 1988. It showed the trials and tribulations of a kid living throughout the 60s and 70s.

Sound of Music - Look at all the fucks I give

Sound of Music

This is an animated gif Maria Rainer from The Sound of Music dancing in a field while the words "Look at all the fucks I give" is layered over it. The Sound of Music is a musical classic from 1959.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

This one is an animated gif of actress Megan Fox. In this one, she looks pissed off, screaming "Fuck!" at the sky. I'm not sure what movie this is from. If you know, please post it in the comment section below.

Funny dog staring - Cupcakes

dog staring

This is an animated gif of a dog staring off into space after being offered a plate of cupcakes. It actually looks as if the dog is having some sort of horrible flashback. The truth is; somebody behind the camera probably caught the dog's attention. Still funny.

Asian girl dancing

Asian girl dancing

This is an animated gif of an Asian girl dancing. The girl in question is Hyomin, a South Korean singer who is apart of the group T-ara. Their debut single was called Geojitmal, which translates into "Lies".

Boy that escalated quickly

anchorman escalated quickly

This is an of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman holding a bear and saying "Boy that escalated quickly". Burgundy is played by actor Will Ferrell. The movie was released in 2004. This is a great reaction gif for whenever an online conversation takes an unexpected turn.