Jumping out of window Gif

Jumping out of window

Jumping out of window

This is an animated gif of a man jumping out of a window. I'm not sure what the scene is from (this is actually from the IT Crowd), so I'll provide a visual description of it (just in case somebody is searching for it). The scene starts out with a man with a brown mustache who is at a board meeting. Suddenly, he stands up (in the most casual way possible) and jumps out of the window. This is a great reaction gif for whenever somebody says something online that makes you want to instantly leave the discussion.

A commentator has pointed out that this is from the British version of the IT Crowd. The guy jumping out of the window is Denholm Reynholm.

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  1. This comes from the British show IT Crowd, episode 2.2. The man jumping out of a window is called Denholm Reynholm.

  2. Are you sure? I could have sworn this was a Monty Python sketch.

    1. It's IT Crowd. On Netflix, all four seasons.

  3. "I hope it doesn't sound arrogant when I say that I am the greatest man in the world."

    Secretary: "The police are here, they say they need to talk to you about irregularities in the pension fund?"

    *Jumps out window*

  4. Oh my gosh, I just watched this episode of IT Crowd. I knew I needed this GIF immediately.