Harold and Kumar - thumbs up Gif

Harold and Kumar - thumbs up

Harold and Kumar thumbs up gif

This is an animated gif from the movie Harold and Kumar. In this scene, Harold is eating something and leans back into the room in order to give a thumbs up. The Harold and Kumar movies are a comedy about two stoners.


  1. That's Yun-Fat Chow.
    A light-year away from Harold & Kumar.

  2. Just because he's Asian doesn't mean he's Harold, let alone from the movie 'Harold and Kumar' the person above is correct, sir. xD

    1. Seems that as long as he is Asian it doesn't matter if he is Indian or Chinese they should be about the same...

  3. You guys... It's Wesley Snipes from a scene in The Art of War. He leans back and gives a thumbs up to calm down the people in the next room affirming that he has everything under control.

  4. Jackie Chan is great.