April 2012 Gif

Dog slaps man

Dog slapping man with paw

This is an animated gif of a dog hitting a man in the face with his paw. The man stares at the dog until the dog finally reacts by slapping him with his paw.

Will Smith Shocked

Shocked Will Smith

This is an animated gif of Will Smith with a shocked expression on his face. I'm not entirely sure what episode/scene this is from; all I know is that this is from the hit TV show "The Fresh Prince of Bell Air", which is the show that catapulted Will Smith to fame. This is a great reaction gif for whenever you're wanting to express how shocked you are.

Dalai Lama Laugh w/ Sunglasses

Dalai Lama laughing

This is animated gif of the Dalai Lama laughing before putting on a pair of sunglasses. I'm not completely sure, but I think he's at a press conference or something. The Dalai Lama is a "high lama" in the Gelug / Yellow Hat branch of Tibetan Buddhism. Tenzin Gyatso is the current Dalai Lama.

Marlo - The Wire

Marlo my name is my name

This is an animated gif of drug kingpin Marlo from The Wire. In this scene, Marlo and his crew are having a meeting after being arrested. Outraged that his second-in-command didn't tell him that Omar had been talking about him, Marlo shouts "My name is my name".

Avon Barksdale wagging finger

Avon Barksdale wagging finger wave

This is an animated gif of Avon Barksdale wagging / waving his finger at Lt. Daniels. This scene is from the hit show: The Wire. In the scene, Daniels and his crew were trying to follow Barksdale across Baltimore. However, Avon quickly figured out that he was being followed and decided to cheekily drive past Daniels and wag his finger at him.

Herc and Carver Huh

Herc and Carver huh

This is an animated gif of Narcotic detectives Herc and Carver. This is from the show The Wire. In this scene, both of them are saying "Huh" and pulling retarded faces.

Spiderman Facepalm

Spiderman Facepalm

This is an animated gif of Spiderman giving a good old fashioned facepalm. In case you didn't already know, a "facepalm" is when somebody puts their hand over their face. Usually, this is a result of somebody else saying/doing something that was stupid.

Michael Jackson eating popcorn

Michael jackson eating popcorn

This is an animated gif of pop star Michael Jackson eating popcorn at the movies / cinema / theater. These kind of gifs are often used as a reaction to whenever an tasty argument breaks out online.

Beating a dead horse

beating a dead horse

This is animated gif of a man beating a dead horse. This can be used as a reaction whenever somebody tells a joke that has been told a million times before (hence the phrase). In this gif, the man is literally beating the horse with his fists.

Gay seal

gay seal

This is an animated gif of a cartoon seal shouting gay / gaaaaaayyy. According to KnowYourMeme, this meme is called "Homophobic Seal". It's basically used to dismiss what somebody has said or done (I think we've all had that one friend that says "gay" after something has been said). Anyway, this gif was made by Reddit user SmellingYellow.

Shocked / Surprised baby

Surprised baby

An animated gif of a small child / baby touching a TV screen. After touching the television, the colour on-screen becomes bright, which completely surprises the child. The look of awe on his face makes this gif hilarious.

Horrified Reaction

Horrified reaction

You can use this animated gif as a "horrified reaction". The guy above is one of the Wayans Brothers (the guys that acted in Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3). I think his name is Marlon Wayans.

Neil Patrick Harris - What? WHY?!

Neil Patrick Harris Why

This is an animated gif of actor Neil Patrick Harris. He is clearly shocked by something, which leads him to respond with "What? Why? WHY?". Harris is an American actor, singer, director and magician.

Michael Jackson - Dance

Michael Jackson dance

This is animated gif of a Michael Jackson dance move. Although he may be dancing, I've often seen this one being used as a "shock" reaction gif. For example: "My face when someone says 'Chipotle'"

Michael Scott - Hockey

Michael Scott Hockey

This is yet another animated gif of Michael Scott from The Office. In this scene, Michael is dressed in hockey gear and decides to tackle a man as he's skating along the ice rink. Michael tackles the guy and crushes him against the side before celebrating.

Michael Scott - No

Michael Scott No

This one is an animated gif of Michael Scott from The Office saying "No! God! No, God, please no! No! No! Noooooooooo!" This is a great reaction gif to use whenever you hear news that you don't like. This is from The Office (US version), which is a comedy television show. Michael Scott is played by actor Steve Carell.

Related: Michael Scott - This is the worst.

Dawson Crying

Dawson crying

This is an animated gif of Dawson Leery crying. This is from the show Dawson's Creek. This character is played by James Van Der Beek. This is a classic reaction gif that you've probably seen a hundred times before.

Jim Carrey - Dumb and Dumber

Jim Carrey Dumb and Dumber

This is an animated gif of Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber (movie). Dumb and Dumber was released in 1994 (has it really been that long?). Anyway, in this scene, Carrey is disgusted about something. It's been a while since I saw the movie, so I can't exactly remember what he's reacting to. If I had to guess, I'd say it would have something to do with the dead budgie being sold to the blind kid.

Jim Carrey - Liar Liar

Jim Carrey Liar Liar Gif

This is an animated gif of Jim Carrey. I think that this scene is from the movie: Liar Liar. In this scene, he gives off a fake laugh. His expression then turns to annoyance as he turns around to walk away. This particular gif reminds me of how I react whenever somebody makes a funny joke at my expense.

Distraught fan

Distraught gif

This is an animated gif of a distraught fan in a blue jersey. Obviously, something on the pitch has made him extremely unhappy. I can't really tell for sure, but I'm guessing that this is from a soccer game.

Tim and Eric - Black guy stare

Tim Eric black guy stare

This is an animated gif from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" In this video, a black and white couple are playing some sort of quiz game. After the white guy gets a question wrong, the black guy presses the buzzer. However, instead of letting it go, he continues to hold it. For a few seconds, he is smiling. However, this smile of his slowly fades and he begins to manically stare at the camera. My guess is that he either hates the other couple (they're extremely annoying in the video) or he hates the game.

Harold and Kumar - thumbs up

Harold and Kumar thumbs up gif

This is an animated gif from the movie Harold and Kumar. In this scene, Harold is eating something and leans back into the room in order to give a thumbs up. The Harold and Kumar movies are a comedy about two stoners.

Ryan Reynolds smiling

ryan reynolds seductive smile gif

This is an animated gif of actor Ryan Reynolds turning to the camera and giving an over-the-top seductive smile. Reynolds recently starred in the movie Safe House with Denzel Washington.

Mick McCarthy look

Mick Mccarthy gif

This is an animated gif of football/soccer manager Mick McCarthy. In this one, the camera slowly zooms in on his face before he turns around and gives it a dashing smile!

Jerry Seinfield getting up

Jerry seinfield getting up

This is an animated gif of comedian Jerry Seinfield putting his hands up into the air (as if to say "I've had enough") before getting up from his seat. This one is a great reaction gif for whenever somebody tells you something that you really didn't want to hear. This is from the hit TV show Seinfield.

Edit: As somebody in the comments section pointed out, this scene is actually from Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is an American comedy show.

Spiderman #Swag

Spiderman gif swag

This is animated gif of Spiderman putting some sort of pot / hat on his head. After putting it on his head, Spiderman looks at the camera and the text #swag appears.

Natalie Portman crying

Natalie Portman gif

This is an animated gif of actress Natalie Portman crying. I'm not sure what movie this is from, so be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

Red Foreman - Newspaper Reaction

Red Foreman gif newspaper

Here's an excellent animated gif of Red Foreman from the hit TV show "That 70s Show". Red stars as Eric Foreman's dad and is particularly known as being a hard-ass. In this particular reaction gif, Red pulls down his newspaper and is extremely angry about something. A great one to use whenever you hear of something that both shocks and angers you at the same time.

Oh no you didn't!

Oh no you didn't gif dawson

This is an animated gif of Dawson from Dawson's Creek wagging his finger, as if to say "Oh no you didn't!" Obviously, this is a great reaction gif for whenever you disapprove of what somebody has done/said online. I'm not sure what TV show this is from exactly. All I know is that the actor player Dawson on Dawson's creek a while back.

That's racist

Thats racist kid gif

This is an animated gif of a small boy shouting / mouthing the words "That's racist!". The gif has been edited to include a number of offensive racial stereotypes about black people. From what I can see; the kid is spinning a basketball on his finger while eating watermelon. Also, a bucket of KFC is floating in the background.

Dr Cox banging his head

Dr Cox banging head gif

This is an animated gif of Dr. Cox banging his head against a table. Obviously, this would be a great reaction gif for whenever you feel frustrated or annoyed about something. Dr. Cox is a character in the hit TV show Scrubs, which was a comedy drama show about several medical staff at Sacred Heart teaching hospital.

George Bush - I didn't read it, lol

George Bush dancing gif

An animated gif of former US President George Bush dancing. The text reads: "This shit here. And this shit here. And that shit up there! I didn't read it, lol!"

The Joker clapping

Joker clapping

This is animated gif of The Joker clapping. The Joker was played by Heath Ledger and this particular scene is from the Batman movie: The Dark Knight, in which The Joker is in prison. Heath Ledger, the actor, tragically died before the movie hit cinemas. Obviously, this is a great reaction gif if you want to show some sarcastic clapping.