February 2012 Gif

Jimmy Fallon eating popcorn

Jimmy Fallon popcorn

This is an animated gif of Jimmy Fallon eating popcorn. A great reaction for whenever an argument breaks out online or when drama happens on a forum board somewhere. In case you didn't know, Fallon is an American actor and television host. He currently hosts the popular late night TV show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Abe Simpson - Walking in and out

Abe Simspon gif

This is an animated gif of Grandpa Abe Simpson walking in and out of a burlesque house after he sees that his grandson Bart is employed as the door man. This particular gif is often used by people on forums after they've visited a certain part of the Internet that they didn't like. It's also used whenever somebody sees that two other people are arguing with one another.

Fry - Shut up and take my money

Fry shut up and take my money gif

This is an animated gif of Fry from Futurama saying "Shut up and take my money" while he grabs a bunch of dollar notes from his pocket / wallet. The phrase has become extremely popular online for any sort of commercial deal that is too good to refuse. For example; whenever a popular game trailer is released, you'll often see this phrase being thrown around constantly.

Black guys laughing

Black guys laughing

This is an animated gif of a bunch of black guys laughing hysterically at a computer screen/TV. This would be a perfect reaction gif for when somebody online says something that is ridiculous or far-fetched.

Colbert shaking his head

Stephen Colbert glasses

This is an animated gif of Stephen Colbert taking his glasses off and turning around before shaking his head in a disapproving fashion. This would be a great gif to show off how you disapprove of something that has happened / or something that has been said.

Colbert is an American political satirist and comedian. He is most famous for his Comedy Central Show, The Colbert Report.

Puppies chasing owner

puppies running

An animated gif of a bunch of puppies chasing / running after their owner.


Weebay the wire gif

Here is an animated gif of Wee-Bey / Weebay from the hit show The Wire. The look of surprise and shock on his face is a result of him finding out that the woman he shot the night before was an undercover cop (Greggs). Wee-Bey Brice is the main soldier for the Barksdale Organization.

Jaguars Fan - Confused / WTF

Jaguars fan gif

One of the best WTF reaction gifs you can find. This one shows a clearly-confused Jacksonville Jaguars fan in a state of "what the hell is going on". The look on his face is priceless, as it's clear that he's simply unable to process what just happened.

The Jaguars are an American Football team based in Florida.

Colin Mochrie sticking his fingers up

colin mochrie fingers

Here's a gif of Colin Mochrie sticking his fingers up / flipping the bird at an audience. I'm not really sure what happened or what the joke was, but this gif is a perfect reaction for when everyone seems to be against you. Colin is a Scottish Canadian actor whose is most famous for his part in the show Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Dis gun be gud - folding chair

This gonna be good

This is an animated gif of a black guy strolling out with a folding chair underneath his arm. He then stops and sets the chair up, before the text "Dis gun b gud" / "This gonna be good" pops up. This one is a classic gif that is used whenever some sort of online drama happens. For instance, when a personal argument breaks out between two people on a forum board, this gif is often used.

Homer Simpson rolling back into car

Homer Simpson car

This is an animated gif of Homer Simpson jumping from his car before rolling back into it. During this particular episode, Homer was helping Moe attempt insurance fraud. The plan was to destroy the car so that Moe could claim money back from the insurance company. Unfortunately, fate conspired against Homer and he magically rolled back into the car while trying to ditch it.

George Clooney - Peeping

Clooney The Descendants

This is an animated gif of George Clooney peeping / peering over some grass before the text "Cloon" appears on it. The scene in question is from the movie The Descendants. Clooney plays Matt King, who is a lawyer living in Hawaii.

Damn good stuff sir

Damn good stuff sir

A gif of Lt. Archie Hicox tipping his glass and saying "Damn good stuff sir." This particular scene is from the 2009 movie Inglourious Basterds. He says this after taking a drink of the scotch he's holding in his hands.

Nathan Fillion - Bomb - Castle

Nathan Fillion Relief at bomb being defused in castle

A gif of Nathan Fillion displaying an extreme sense of relief. This scene is from the show Castle. They find a bomb and don't know how to defuse it. As the timer ticks down towards an explosion, Castle is forced to cut a random wire and test their luck. Fortunately, it works and the bomb is defused, hence the look of shock / relief on his face.

Long haired guy in crowd cheering / screaming.

Guy cheering in crowd - long hair

An animated gif of a guy with long hair sitting in a crowd. He is cheering / screaming in ecstasy because whatever team he is supporting has just scored or won. I can't be completely sure what type of game he's at, but guess is that it's a soccer game because of the purple jersey and the (Dutch?) text written across the screen. This gif could be used whenever you're wanting to express your delight at something great that just happened.

Jack Nicholson Nodding

Jack Nicholson Gif

An animated gif of actor Jack Nicholson nodding. For some reason, Jack always seems to have some sort of perverted look on his face. I found this one on Reddit, with the title "My reaction when I see two girls making out".

I'm not entirely sure what movie this is from. If I were to make a guess, I'd say that the scene is from Anger Management, which also stars Adam Sandler.

I regret nothing - Chicken spinning

I regret nothing chicken spinning

This is an animated gif of a chicken spinning around. The text "I regret nothing" is written across it in red text. Obviously; you could use this one if you said or did something that others found controversial.

People clapping - Approval

People clapping - approval gif

A gif of one man holding up his drink in a gesture of approval before four men standing behind him start clapping. Obviously, this could be used whenever somebody online says something that you agree with.

This particular scene is from a Wiserhood TV commercial. After being asked to hold his girlfriend's handbag while she goes into a clothes store, the guy takes out a plastic bag and wraps it around the handbag so that he doesn't have to hold it (or get seen with it). As soon as he does this, he hears clapping. He looks over, and the guys in the gif above are clapping at him in approval. "Welcome to the society of uncompromising men."

Jon Stewart Clapping

Jon Stewart Clapping Gif

Animated gif of Jon Stewart clapping and sarcastically pretending to be excited. A great reaction gif for those wishing to express their lack of excitement on forum boards.

In case you didn't already know, Jon Stewart is an American political satirist who is popular for hosting The Daily Show, which is on Comedy Central. Jon was born in New York.

Borat Dancing

Borat dancing gif

Animated gif of Borat dancing in Kazakhstan (note: it isn't really Kazakhstan). "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" was a comedy movie / mockumentary that was released in 2006. In this particular scene, he decides to have a dance off with some men from his home village.

Christian Bale lifting his eyebrows at the Golden Globes

Christian Bale Golden Globes

An animated gif of a bearded Christian Bale turning on the charm at the Golden Globes. I've seen this particular one being used whenever a female turns up on a forum that is populated by males (i.e. most forums). Bale is a famous actor who played as Batman in the Dark Knight.

Glen Davis Tongue

Glen Davis tounge

Gif of basketball player Glen Davis (aka Big Baby) sticking his tongue out and looking rather perverted. Davis plays in the Power Forward and Center positions. Currently, he plays for Orlando Magic.

Van Damme - Blood Sport

Van Damme Gif

Animated gif of Jean Claude Van Damme with a crazy look on his face after bringing his hands down from his face. It looks as if he is recovering from something that he thought would kill him. I can't be sure though as I don't know what this scene is from. If you know, be sure to post the name of the movie in the comment section below and explain what was happening in the scene.

Van Damme is a popular Belgian actor.

Edit: A commentator below has pointed out that movie in question is called Blood Sport.

Girl covered with flour from hairdryer

Flour Girl Hair Dryer

Gif of a rather unfortunate girl having her face covered in flour because her boyfriend decided to pull a nasty (but genius) prank on her. I could only imagine what my girlfriend would do if I did something like that.

Man sliding on waterslide.

Fat man sliding on his side

Here's an animated gif of a fat bald man sliding across a water slide on his side (yea, I know - what a description, eh?). The text on this gif is Cool Story Bro. However, I have seen other variants with the text "Deal With It", with the guy wearing Photoshopped sunglasses. This one has been particularly popular over the last few weeks (maybe it's because it looks like Mojang Developer Notch?)

Nathan Fillion - Reaction - Castle

Nathan Fillion gif

A reaction gif of actor Nathan Fillion trying to interrupt somebody and failing spectacularly. Reminds me of how I feel whenever I get into a debate about politics with family members.

Nathan Fillion has starred in a number of TV shows and movies such as Slither and Trucker. However, this particular gif was made from a scene on the TV show Castle.

Simon Cowell - Pleasantly surprised

Simon Cowell smiling

A gif of X-Factor talent judge Simon Cowell looking pleasantly surprised, which is an unusual thing to say the least. This would be a perfect "everything went better than expected" reaction face to use.

Supernatural - Mouths Open - Shocked

Supernatural gif mouths open

This animated gif is from the TV show "Supernatural". I haven't watched the show myself, so I'm not too sure what the hell is actually happening in the scene. Are their mouths open because they're shocked or has some sort of paranormal force taken control of them? The two characters in this scene are called Sam and Dean Winchester (they're brothers who hunt down evil demons etc).

Starcraft - so much win

Starcraft so much win clapping

This is an animated gif of a Starcraft player clapping his hands and nodding his head in approval. This image became famous after Internet users began to use it as a reaction gif to anything that they considered "full of win". There have also been a few edits of the gif with the text "so much win" placed over it.