Ewelina Olczak Gif

Ewelina Olczak

Ewelina Olczak

EDIT #2: As a comment below pointed out, this is actually a Polish model by the name of Ewelina Olczak! For some reason, the entire Internet had this girl pegged as Victoria Macreatis. Just goes to show you how quickly misinformation can spread!

EDIT: Major mistake. This is actually a model called Victoria Macreatis who appeared in a Lingerie Fashion Show back in Tel Aviv in 2012. Unfortunately, there's not much else that can be found about Victoria Macreatis on the Internet because she's not really well known.

This is an animated gif of Israeli model Bar Refaeli strutting down the catwalk in a bikini. In 2009, she was the cover model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and in 2012, Maxim voted her as the sexiest woman of 2012.

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  1. Wrong again mate! It's EWELINA OLCZAK, a Polish model.

    (Victoria Macreatis was another girl who appeared in the same show)

    You can see the original video here:
    and another video of Ewelina here:

    The real giveaway that it's her is the birthmark to the right of her belly button, which you can also see here!