Old Man Crying Gif

Old Man Crying

Old Guy Crying

This is an animated gif of an old man crying and raising his hand a little, as if to say "dont go" or "goodbye". Apparently, this is from a special episode of Dr Who. Not sure who the character is or who he is played by. If you know, please post a comment below.


  1. The character is Wilfred Mott, and he's played by Bernard Cribbins. And yes, it is from an episode of Doctor Who.

  2. Gerard Butler's dad?

  3. It's from Doctor Who season 4 episode 18, the second half of a two-part episode which is also the season's finale. The man is Donna Noble's Grandfather (Donna Noble was one of the Doctor's companions). He is indeed saying goodbye to the Doctor, who stopped by for Donna's wedding before leaving to regenerate.