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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

This is an animated gif of actor Mel Gibson looking pretty angry and wild eyed. I found this one on Reddit with the title: "Getting home and seeing my drive-thru order messed up.". Gibson is an Australian-American actor with a controversial past: Namely, hating Jews and partaking in the odd bit of domestic violence.

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  1. ''controversial past'' ; thats what his past was all about according to you? controversaries? Not so long ago, Mel Gibson was a giant movie star, one of the most powerful and most influential actor in Hollywppd, a huge blockbuster with a tons of hit movies and one of the richest as well( still is). A great actor and director. For the rest of the world, Mel continues to be the King of Hollywood . The gif btw is from Lethal Weapon 1 where Mel plays Martin Riggs.