It's a Trap Gif

It's a Trap

Its a trap

This is an animated gif of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars Return of the Jedi shouting "It's a trap!". This is a meme that is often used in relation to men posing as women. Lately, it has been used a lot as a reaction gif for whenever a girlfriend/wife tries to trick you into admitting/doing something that they'll inevitably get annoyed about.


  1. Men posing as women is about as insulting as it gets...

    I think you mean pre-op or none-op transwomen?

    1. Men posing as women IS as insulting as it gets. Stop playing pretend.

  2. @ first reply.... maybe you didn't get it. They are referring to someone online posing as something they are not. Not everything is about your fucking cause. It has nothing to do with trans gender.