John Simm crying Gif

John Simm crying

Simon Pegg crying

Edit: Info was wrong. This is actually John Simm...

This is an animated gif of actor Simon Pegg crying at what looks to be a computer. This reaction can be used whenever you see something online that upsets you. Or... you could use it sarcastically. Whatever floats your boat. Simon Pegg is well known for his roles in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.


  1. It's not Simon Pegg, it's John Simm. I don't know what show this is from though. John Simm is famous for Life on Mars(UK)and being the (latest) Master on Doctor Who.

    1. It's from a terrific program entitled "Exile." Also stars Jim Broadbent and Olivia Colman. John was nominated for a best actor Bafta. It's available on DVD. Get it NOW!